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How do you use Google Scholar? How do you find e-books? Watch the videos to get answers to these questions. In each video you can turn on the subtitles at the bottom right, also available in English.
  • What can the UvA library do for you?

    Discover the kind of support you can expect from the library when searching for information and the different facilities the library offers.

  • How do you recognize fake news?

    It is not always easy to recognize fake news. This video provides tips and explains what fake news entails. The introduction of this video can also be used as a separate video. Watch the teaser video about fake news in a new tab.

  • How do you use Google Scholar outside the UvA?

    You can use Google Scholar to directly access full-text articles from the digital collection of the UvA. This video shows you how you can set up this access.

  • How do you find e-journals?

    The UvA library has subscriptions to a great number of digital journals, or e-journals. This video will show you how you can find them.

  • How do you find e-books?

    Did you know you can access a great number of e-books through the UvA library website? In this video you will find out where you can find them and their terms of use.

  • How do you find citations?

    Web of Science and Scopus are databases which show you which articles refer to a specific publication. In this way you can find more publications on the same topic. This video explains how this works.

  • How do you save references?

    Citation tools RefWorks, Mendeley and Zotero let you automatically generate citations and bibliographies and will thus save you a lot of time. This video shows you how to use them.

  • How do you distinguish between different publication types?

    By making this differentiation you will know what type of literature you need for your research.  In this video you will see examples of handbook, a monograph, an edited book and a journal article.

  • How do you think up the right search terms?

    The search terms you use determine the number and quality of your search results. This video provides tips and tools to find good search terms.  

  • How do I find newspaper articles and news items?

    Nexis Uni offers access to newspaper articles and news items, from both national and international sources. Find out when it is useful to search this database and how you go about this.

  • What is the Allard Pierson exactly?

    Dive into the world of the Allard Pierson. Did you know for instance that the Allard Pierson houses the heritage collection of the University of Amsterdam?

  • How do I publish my thesis?

Do you want to know more about publishing your thesis? Read the information on the following webpage:

Publishing your thesis