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Online Study Space


Many students are now studying at home and this can have a major impact. No motivation, no rhythm in the day, no fixed place, no fellow students. This can lead to increased stress and study pressure. Onlinebrary, the UvA/AUAS online study space, is offered by the Library and was developed together with a student focus group to support studying at home.

What do I do to access the Onlinebrary?

To access the Onlinebrary, download MS Teams on your computer or phone. Please note: for this you need to have Office 365 Pro Plus installed. The UvA offers students both software programs free of charge. Read here for Using Microsoft Teams as a student. Once in MS Teams, log in with your UvA email address and you will see the Onlinebrary option in the menu.

Opening Hours

The Onlinebrary is open 24/7. You can start your own study session and invite fellow students to join you, or just check to see who is studying online at any moment.

On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays between 9 am and 6 pm, there are study sessions that are supervised by student staff of the Library. These sessions follow a regular pattern of study blocks followed by breaks.

Online Studying and Having Coffee

The Onlinebrary has various channels such as: ‘Study Focus’ where you intersperse supervised 50-minute study sessions with 10-minute breaks, ‘Study Tips’ where you can share study tips, and a ‘Cafeteria’ channel you can go to for a quick chat or to “have a coffee” together virtually. This encourages the social interaction that so many students have been missing since the closure of the libraries and study centres.

Bring the library into your home

Students can make use of a binaural soundscape (3D) for studying at home. Does music distract you too much while studying? Or does your study place at home not even remotely resemble that of the library? Put on your headphone or earbuds, switch on the soundscape and in no time you will imagine yourself in the study space of the library (location: University Library Singel).