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Printing, Copying and Scanning



Black and white and colour prints on A4 can be made from the computer study spaces and from the general-access PCs. Some locations offer A3 as well, please check at the information desk. You can either print on both sides or just single pages. The default is set to both sides. Prints can be made and collected until 15 minutes before closing time.
Click on the thumbnail to download the manual (pdf) for printing, scanning and copying.

More info on printing.

Printing from your own laptop, tablet or smartphone

There are three ways in which students and staff can print files from their laptop, tablet or smartphone. From a laptop you can use all three methods. If you have a smartphone or tablet, then use option 1. 

  • Option 1: Send a mail from the email address at which you are registered at UvA to with the file you want to print as an attachment (max. 35 MB).
  • Option 2: Go to and log in with your UvAnetID. Click Install printer. Install the Follow-Me-Printer (within the UvA WiFi network) or the Canon Internet Printer for Windows, Mac OS or Linux (outside the UvA WiFI network). You can then use that printer driver by printing files directly from your laptop.
  • Option 3: Go to and log in with your UvAnetID. Click Upload files. Select the file you wish to print (max. 75 MB), change the print settings if needed, and click on Print.

Then go to any ‘Follow-Me-Printer’ in the UvA. Log in with your UvA Student or Staff ID card and follow the instructions.


In all libraries you can make black and white or colour A4 copies. Some locations offer A3 as well, please ask at the information desk.


All printers/copiers can also make scans. Scans can be saved on a USB stick or sent to email. The University Library at Singel and the P.C. Hoofthuis Library offer a stand-alone book scanner with USB port, which is available to anyone. Scanning is free.


Black and white prints and copies A4 cost €0.05 per page. 
Colour prints and copies A4 cost €0.15 per page.
For A3 format the charge is doubled.

The following tokens are accepted:

In the larger UvA locations there are top-up points . Students and staff can also top up their credit online.

In the Medical Librarydigital deposit (this link works only on computers within the AMC domain) is required in order to make photocopies without an AMC badge.