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Printing, Copying and Scanning

At UvA locations

You can print, copy and scan in the libraries and study centers of the UvA. You can pick up your print jobs at any printer at the University of Amsterdam. The print jobs remain available for a maximum of 24 hours.

Printing, Copying and Scanning

For UvA students and staff 

UvA employees and students who come to collect material from the University Library Singel can copy and scan this material on site. Printing is only possible if you have reserved a study place in advance. In the Library Learning Center (REC H), printing can be done on the ground floor without a study place reservation. Also at Science park, P.C. Hoofthuis and the Bushuis this is the case. 

Printing Instructions, Payment & Credit Transfer 

You need an activated UvA student or staff card to print, copy or scan. Students who want to print or copy must put credit on their cards in advance. Scanning is free.

Print, Copy and Scan for External Borrowers 

Only from the public PCs in the University Library Singel, external borrowers can print materials for a fee (reservation required). Furthermore, external borrowers can scan or copy requested material on the spot. For printing and copying materials, prepayment credit must be loaded onto the library card. This can be done via the charging points on the University Library Singel and the Allard Pierson. Scanning is free. Scans can be stored on a USB stick or sent to an email address. 

Cost of Prints and Copies 

  • Black and white A4: € 0.05 per page.
  • Color A4: € 0.15 per page.
  • A3 size: double the size and costs of A4.

Scan with a Book Scanner 

All printers and / or copiers are suitable for scanning. Scans can be saved on a USB stick you brought with you or sent to your email. In the University Library Singel and the P.C. Hoofthuis are stand alone book scanners with USB port available, which can be used by everyone. 

Have Reproductions Made 

Visitors are not allowed to scan or copy materials from the Allard Pierson heritage. However, it is possible to make your own recordings with your own camera or smartphone. It is also possible to request reproductions. More information can be found on the Allard Pierson website. Please note: This service is temporarily unavailable. 

More Information

In the UvA student A-Z you will find manuals and answers on the page with frequently asked questions.

Need more support? Ask the Library.