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Need help with finding, organising, storing or sharing information? The Library offers free workshops.

General workshops

Finding Academic Sources

A workshop to get tips on how to find your way in the large amount of information, online and in the library. For students and external users of the Library who want to improve their information skills. These workshops are tailor-made for 3 faculties: Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Social Sciences and Faculty of Sciences. 

Citing with Zotero

Personal literature management via the browser or a desktop program. Introductory workshop course for students, researchers and teachers of the University of Amsterdam. We offer workshops about Zotero

Fake News

In this workshop we make you aware of the existence of fake news and teach you how to recognise it.

Finding Information with ChatGPT

This is a workshop where you learn how to use ChatGPT more effectively. 

Noor Breuning
Contact person for workshops and training

Faculty specific courses

Graduate School of Social Sciences

  • Library course GSSS. An introduction to the UvA Library's resources and an opportunity to check your information literacy skills. To get access, please register

Law School courses

Photo taken during workshop

Tailor-made courses

The workshop Finding academic sources and the introductory Zotero course can on request be embedded in a specific course. You provide us with a computer room with a beamer, and we’ll provide an expert teacher.

Need subject-specific help?

Are you

  • having difficulty locating publications on a particular topic?
  • worried that you’re missing something?
  • drowning in information you don’t want?
  • having problems using a specific search tool?

When working on a paper or thesis you may prefer personal assistance over a group workshop. The Library’s subject librarians are happy to provide one-on-one consultation. Please feel free to contact your subject librarian directly.