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Book a Study Space

Are you unable to study at home? Then look for a suitable study place through the library. Advance reservation is required.

Reserve a study space

Due to the corona measures, we can only offer 20 percent of our study spaces. These study places can only be reserved by UvA students. You can place a limited amount of reservations. At the moment, a maximum of 1 reservation per day, 5 times per week applies to all students.
For everyone else: the study places cannot be used at this time.

Conditions for Reserving a Study Space

  1. You can place a limited amount of reservations. At the moment, a maximum of 1 reservation per day, 5 times per week applies to all students.
  2. No reservation = no study place.
  3. You can reserve study places from 3 days in advance until 23:59 the day before.
  4. Take your student ID card with you to the University Library and/or campus, check in with your student ID card, and sign off your name from the reservation list name upon arrival.
  5. Sit in the room where you made your reservation. Sitting in other areas is not allowed.
  6. Stick to our house rules and follow the instructions of the staff.
  7. Cancel in time: you can cancel reservations until 23:00 on the day prior to your reservation.
  8. Please note: do you not show up for your appointment? You will receive a warning. When you do not show up for your appointment 3 times, we will then close your reservation options for 4 weeks. If there is an emergency situation that prevents you from being able to cancel in time, please report this to us via the contact form.
  9. Reservations are personal and non-transferable.

Take a look on our page for corona updates for more information.

Log-in Method Reserve Study Space

The login method for reserving a study place has been updated.

  1. Log in to Mapiq with your UvAnetID.
  2. Enter your UvA student email at ‘email address’, or if you don't have one, ''.
  3. Then follow the steps in Mapiq.

Or download the Mapiq app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store to make a quick and easy reservation.

Types of study spaces

You can choose from the following range of study places at the library.

  • Individual study spaces: For an overview of all bookable study places, see our page about locations & opening hours, or find your options in our booking system Mapiq, if you have been given access.
  • Meeting rooms ('talking allowed'):In these rooms, people are allowed to talk and work together in groups of a maximum of 4 people, of course with due observance of the corona measures. Reservations can be made via the booking system Mapiq. Please note: everyone in the group needs to have a reservation in advance via our booking system Mapiq.

House Rules

  • Talking on the phone and eating are not allowed in the study areas.
  • Drinks may only enter the study rooms in a closed packaging.
  • Do not cause any noise nuisance. Do you want to be able to consult? Then choose of one the study places in the meeting rooms.
  • Do not leave your belongings unattended.
  • Don't forget to bring a face mask to the University Library. You may only remove the face mask at the study place itself. We keep a distance of 1.5 meters and follow the established walking routes.
  • Follow the instructions of the staff on site.
  • Do not occupy study places unnecessarily. Have you made a reservation but are you still unable to come? Cancel online before 23:59 and make your spot available for someone else.

Online Study Space

For students who miss studying in the library with fellow students, the Library is working on a new project: Onlinebrary. An online environment that helps you study at home. You will find the concentration and motivation of studying together in the library, except that you're at home.

Read more about Onlinebrary and the digital study sessions

Questions or comments about study places?

Please contact us via our contact form.