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Here you can find relevant information for Psychology students and staff.
News can be found on our UvA Social Sciences Library blog.

If you have any questions, please contact Janneke Staaks:

  • Information sources

    Information resources for Psychology students and staff:

    • E-learning Searchlight to learn how to search better
    • PsycINFO (tutorial)
      Behavioral science database from the APA with additional search features regarding psychological tests, age group, peer review and research methodology.
    • ERIC
      The Education Recources Information Center (ERIC) database for education research and with additional search features for educational level and peer review.
    • Medline
      Medical database, including psychiatry
    • Web of Science (tutorial)
      Interdisciplinairy database with articles from peer-reviewed journals with an impact factor.
    • More databases
    • Go to our Journals
    • Find Books in the UvA collection
    • Acquisitions (print books and e-books) for Psychology.
  • Location

    The Psychology collection is located at the Library Learning Centre Roeterseilandcampus, the library for the Faculty of Economics and Business and the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences. 

  • Collection

    Collection formation is aimed at supporting education and research of the Psychology department at the University of Amsterdam. Most of the collection can be found online. The part that is not available online and recently acquired or frequently used, can be found on the second floor in the Library Learning Centre Roeterseilandcampus. You can find course materials on the first floor and the rest of the offline collection can be requested from the stacks. The location of all materials can be found in CataloguePlus

    You can also request materials from other libraries through interlibrary loan.

    Do you have a title suggestion for the library? Please let us know.

  • Psychological tests

    The psychological tests in the test library of the Library Learning Centre Roeterseilandcampus can be found in the Catalogus Psychologische Testen. Provided that they are not reserved for teaching in the department of Psychology, tests can be borrowed by staff members of the departments of Psychology and Child Development and Education, as well as individuals who are authorized by a member of staff of these departments. Tests from the Catalogus Psychologische Testen can be requested using the form Aanvraag materiaal Testotheek.

  • Support

    Janneke Staaks provides support to Psychology students and staff. In consultation with the academic staff, she can teach alone, teach with them, or only provide instruction materials. Students and staff can also contact her for individual assistance. Please contact her for (among others things):

    • information literacy: for example, searching and finding a specific publication, gathering information on a specific topic and tips on how to evaluate information resources;
    • citation software;
    • online troubleshooting;
    • Open Access and copyright;
    • research data management;
    • research impact and scientific visibility.
  • Systematic reviews and meta-analyses

    Janneke Staaks provides advice and support to Psychology students and staff who want to conduct a systematic review or meta-analysis. She will help you translate your research question into a systematic search strategy, select relevant databases and compile a report of the search. She can also advise you about additional search strategies, downloading references, deduplicating them and the screening process.

    The following preparation will be requested if you want to make an appointment:

    • Preliminary search terms. The following tutorial was designed to help you with this: Building a search strategy;
    • If possible, a literature list of articles (5-10) you will probably include in your review;
    • Please read the following tutorial: Subject headings and other search fields. The information discussed in this tutorial is often perceived as difficult, and appointments tend to go easier if you have prepared this.

    The following tutorials are recommended for teachers who want their students to improve their search strategy without a deep dive into search technique:

Janneke Staaks
Information Specialist Psychology
For educational or research support, questions about the collection or purchase requests please contact me!
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