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UvA lecturers may copy pages from books or journals in a reader (paper) or Canvas (digital) if this is intended for education.

Using the entire publication

Some publishers allow reproduction of the entire publication in education through a user license held by the library. In CataloguePlus you can check whether this is the case. First, search for the concerning title.

  1. Go to CataloguePlus.
  2. Type the title, for example “Language testing (online)”.
  3. Click on the title “Language testing (online)”.
  4. Halfway the page, with the link to the content provider you can find a button “Show license”. Click that.
  5. Now you see the “License Terms”:
  • Course Pack Electronic – for instance in the digital learning environment (Canvas): permitted,
  • Course Pack Printed - in printed form: permitted.

When the “Show License” button is not displayed with the content provider, there is no user license available and the usual copyright rules apply.

Good to know

Linking to an article or book is always allowed, provided the source is legal. For example: a publisher is a legal source. Sci-Hub is not a legal source.

When linking to an item, use the Direct Link from CataloguePlus. Advantages are that this link is stable and your students can gain access outside the UvA via the UvA login screen.

Entire publication not permitted?

If you want to use publications for which no permission is listed in CatalogPlus, the Easy Access agreement applies. Under this national arrangement, extracts of publications for the purpose of teaching do not require separate permission or payment. The UvA and HvA pay publishers a fixed annual redemption fee.

The conditions are:

  1. Up to a maximum of 40 pages, AND
  2. Up to a maximum of 20% of the entire publications, AND
  3. Correct source reference


From a book or journal of 200 pages, a maximum of 40 pages is allowed

From a book or journal of 50 pages, a maximum of 10 pages is allowed.

Permission for longer extracts

As a lecturer, you can contact the author or publisher to ask for permission for a long extract (more than 40 pages). Sample letters (in Dutch) can be found at the national network of Copyright Information Sites. It is not uncommon to agree on a fee. If you receive permission, include the written acknowledgement with the source citation in the corresponding extract.

Through the web portal of the UvO Foundation, permission can be obtained in advance for publications longer than 40 pages, regardless of who is the copyright owner. The costs are calculated by multiplying the total number of pages, the number of students enrolled in the course, and the page rate of the UvO Foundation. Since the costs of the permission request are borne by the faculty, you should discuss this with your program coordinator beforehand. Request assistance from the Library through Topdesk.

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