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Publishing your thesis

Are you writing a thesis? When you're done, you may want to publish it online. It will then be available through UvA Scripties, a digital platform set up by the University Library where your thesis will be easy to find – even via Google.

As the author, you hold the copyright to your own thesis. You are therefore free to decide for yourself whether your thesis should be publicly available or not. The UvA (and most of its faculties) stimulate the open-access publication of theses in order to disseminate knowledge through all layers of society and provide an insight into the UvA's teaching.

Most degree programmes require you to upload the final version of your thesis to Canvas. Just before you do, you must complete a quiz on Canvas with questions on a number of specific points to bear in mind when publishing your thesis.

Tip: make sure you ponder these points in good time – don't leave it until the last moment.

Click here to open a sample quiz (PDF, 128kb)

Instruction video | How do I publish my thesis?

Download the video script including instructions in English (pdf, 159kb)

Faculty Information

See below for additional publication information for each faculty. Please note: this information is currently being revised. The information is expected to be up-to-date again at the beginning of January 2020. Until then, check with your faculty what is important for you when submitting and / or publishing your thesis.

  • Faculty of Medicine (AMC-UvA)

    Please note: the information about the Faculty of Medicine below is under construction (20 January 2020).

    The Faculty of Medicine does not have finalised policies for adding theses to UvA Scripties.

    • Type: only Master's theses are added
    • Requires public availability: unknown
    • Embargo: unknown
    • Contact: mail to Marjan Schumacher
  • Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences (FMG)

    Please note: the information about the Faculty of Medicine below is under construction (20 January 2020).

    With the exception of Social Sciences (see below), at the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences, students are required to submit their thesis digitally to their study programme’s Student Desk. Where to submit your thesis online? Find out on the student site, choose your study programme, go the A-Z information pages and look for the entry ‘Graduation’ or ‘Thesis'. (at Psychology: in the student manual of the bachelor- and master thesis)
    The Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences (the programmes at Psychology excluded) mandates that all Master's theses are published publically, with exceptions only on request by the student or teacher. Exceptions must be requested though the Board of Examiners of your study programme by this form: Request deferment of the public nature (confidentiality) of a thesis.

    • Type:
      - Bachelor: required to submit  (digitally) through the student desk; theses are not made publicly available.
      - Master: required to submit digitally (masters at Psychology excluded) through the student desk; theses are made publicly available.
    • Requires public availability: Bachelor thesis: no. Master thesis: yes (masters at Psychology excluded)
    • Embargo: possible, with a maximum of 5 years

    At Social Sciences, you should send your thesis in pdf-format, for archiving purposes, to the Student Desk of your programme. Please see the student site, choose your study programma, go to A/Z and ‘Graduation’. During graduation or when sending your thesis you may tell the Student Desk whether you want your thesis to be published in UvA Scripties.

    Theses at the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences

    Ms P.A.M. (Paulien) Bosch

    FMG contact for Scripties Online