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The following databases and websites provide alert services that notify you of new publications in chosen fields of interest. The services on offer may vary e.g. the service can be executed via email or by logging on to a personalized section of the database. Most databases also offer RSS feeds.

In addition to personal notifications, many websites and databases offer general newsletters and alerts. Some of these services are described on the Law Library's blog.

Hein Online

HeinOnline enables you to create a personal page: MyHein. This allows you to:
•  Save articles. Click on Bookmark in the page toolbar when viewing an article or Save to MyHein next to the search results.
•  Create search query email alerts. Run a search and select Save to MyHein Search Queries above the results. You will automatically receive an email notifying you of new results.
•  Create eTOC alerts for new journal issues. Browse to a journal title and click on Create eTOC Alert. You will receive an email every time the title is updated.

View MyHein User's Guide (pdf) to learn more about MyHein and setting up alerts.


EUR-Lex offers the possibility to register (free of charge) for My EUR-Lex. After registering you will be able to:
•  Save documents.
•  Save search queries.
•  Create personalized RSS feeds.

More information about My EUR-Lex features can be found on the Help page. EUR-Lex also provides various predefined RSS feeds including feeds for the Official Journal and for case law.


Hudoc, the case law database of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), enables you to create personalized RSS feeds. In order to do so click on the RSS icon above the search results after running a search query. Refer to the Hudoc user manual for more information. Additionally, the ECHR offers several general feeds for recent judgments and decisions, press releases and webcasts of hearings.

IBFD Tax Research Plaform

IBFD offers to possibility to register for a personal account for the Tax Research Platform. After registering you will be able to:
•  Save search queries and documents. Click on the Favourites button in the toolbar below the search results or document.
•  Annotate saved documents.
•  Create personalized RSS feeds based on search queries. Perform a search, then click on the RSS icon in the toolbar. If you added a query or journal to your favourites, it is also possible to create an RSS feed via the Favourites tab.

Furthermore, IBFD offers several newsletters and email notifications for new journal issues. More information is available on the help page.


JSTOR is a digital library that provides access to a large number of academic journals. It is possible to register for a MyJSTOR account which enables you to save documents and set up alerts for:
•  New results matching your search criteria. Set up an email alert under Save this search next to the search results.
•  New journal issues (eTOC). When viewing a journal article or list of journal issues, set up an alert under Journal tracking on the right side of the page. You can choose to receive notification by email or through RSS.
•  Citations. Click on the Track citation button above an article or search result. You will receive notification by email or RSS when that article is cited in a new publication.

UvA CataloguePlus

The UvA CataloguePlus provides the option to receive email alerts for saved queries. Refer to the CataloguePlus Help page for more information (Set up a literature alert at the bottom of the page).