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The names of the winners of the first ORCID lottery draw were announced on Monday, 22 November 2021. Calvin Duggan, a lecturer at the Faculty of Humanities won a Samsung tablet. If you weren’t one of the lucky winners this time round, make sure you sign up for the next draw. Your ORCID number is your lottery number too.

Winners in November 2021

The winners of the November draw are:

  1. Calvin Duggan – Faculty of Humanities
  2. Marco Brohet – Faculty of Science
  3. Katharina Stuckradt – Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences

The next draw will take place on Monday, 24 January 2022. Play the lottery now.

UvA opts for ORCID

The advantage of ORCID is that it is able to synchronise with various databases, including Scopus, Web of Science and PubMed. It is also possible to automatically export to ORCID from the UvA’s Pure research registration system, which means that researchers only have to update the Pure system. Read more about connecting ORCID and Pure.

'I have been registered with ORCID for about 2 years now. I was obliged to register when publishing an article in, I believe, the Journal of Rural Studies.' Calvin Duggan, lecturer at the Faculty of Humanities

Publishers and finance institutions prefer ORCID too. Many publishers require users to have an ORCID registration when submitting works for publication. Researchers also have to be registered with ORCID when submitting grant applications to finance institutions.

The Dutch universities opted for membership of ORCID together, because of which implementation of ORCID in universities in the Netherlands is one of the spearheads of national policy. The UvA is one of the universities in the ORCID consortium.

'ORCID is pretty simple to use and it has nice compatibility with a lot of publishers and platforms, such as Sage and Crossref. Also, it's a nice record of my achievements.' Calvin Duggan

Connection between ORCID and Pure

The registration of research output like publications, prizes, media appearances and conference participation is compulsory at the UvA. The Pure research registration system has been used for this purpose since 2016. The data registered in Pure is used in annual reports and assessments and is also published on the UvA staff pages of the researchers in question, in UvA-DARE and elsewhere on the internet - in Google (Scholar), for example.

'I wasn't aware of the connection between ORCID and Pure, but I have linked both now!' Calvin Duggan

A total of 4,663 ORCID iDs are now linked to the UvA. UvA researchers have added a total of 10,411 pieces of work to ORCID. Just 615 ORCID iDs are connected to Pure. The Library advises every researcher to establish this connection. It takes a maximum of five minutes and makes it much easier for researchers to register future works in Pure, after which they are added to ORCID automatically. Read more about connecting ORCID and Pure.

'I would recommend ORCID/Pure to those with research output. I use my ORCID and Pure for any publication.' Calvin Duggan

Don't have an ORCID iD yet?

Registration takes about three minutes. All you need to register is your name, e-mail address and affiliation. Open the ORCID website in a new window.