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Recently the Open Access Books Toolkit was launched. A toolkit developed to give academics more insight in all aspects of open access book publishing. Another initiative is the Open Access Books Network: an international platform for discussion on open access books.

The Open Access Books Toolkit is a neutral source that touches all aspects of open access book publishing, following the research life cycle: from financing, planning, peer review and licenses to distribution. The toolkit – hosted by OAPEN and developed in cooperation with Springer and the University of Glasgow – aims to help academic authors to better understand open access book publishing and to increase trust in open access books.

The Open Access Book Network is an international and informal network for researchers, publishers, librarians, infrastructure providers and others to discuss any aspect of open access book publishing. On the network homepage you also can find events, blog post and articles related to open access books. The network is started by members of OAPEN, OPERAS, ScholarLed and SPARC Europe and hosted on the Humanities Commons.

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