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Regulations for users of the Library of the University of Amsterdam


1. The Library of the University of Amsterdam (hereinafter also referred to as 'the Library') is understood to mean the whole body of libraries, including study spaces, and all facilities of the Library of the University of Amsterdam.

2. 'Librarian' is understood to mean the university librarian (director of the Library) or their representative.

3. 'Library card’ is understood to mean proof of registration as a member; these regulations are applicable to all libraries and study centres of the UvA, with the exception of the libraries of the AMC and the Faculty of Dentistry (ACTA).

4. 'Users’ are understood to mean all visitors and/or members.

These regulations contain a more detailed description of the UvA-wide house rules and rules of conduct concerning buildings, facilities and grounds of the UvA, as laid down by decision no. 2015cb0317 of the Executive Board of 30 September 2015.

These regulations are in accordance with agreements reached at the UvA concerning the handling of personal data, as laid down in the UvA Privacy Statement of November 2021.

House rules

5. Visitors of the Library are to adhere to the rules stated here and to the directions and instructions given by the library staff and the security personnel.

6. Visitors must show their student ID card, staff ID card, UKB card or library card along with a valid form of ID at the request of library or security staff.

7. Visitors will no longer be allowed access to the library starting 15 minutes before closing time.

8. All visitors are to behave in accordance with the public order, public morality and prevailing standards of decency and show respect for each other and each other’s property or that of the UvA.

9. The Library uses camera supervision; this supervision is subject to the UvA Regulations for Camera Supervision (in Dutch).

10. The following house rules apply when using the facilities of the libraries and study spaces:

  • Smoking is prohibited within a radius of 10 meters of the entrance.
  • Visitors only have access to public rooms and spaces;
  • Pets are not allowed, with the exception of assistance dogs.
  • Libraries should be quiet.
  • Mobile telephones must be set to silent mode inside the library.
  • For reasons of hygiene, food and beverages are allowed only in rooms intended for consuming food and beverages (such as restaurants and cafeterias).
  • If wardrobes and/or lockers are available for stowing coats and bags, using these would be appreciated. Use of the wardrobes and/or lockers is at one’s own risk and expense.

11. It is not permitted to take photographs or film the interior, the visitors and the staff of the Library without permission.

Access policy

12. Service and consulting collections

The library is accessible to anyone in possession of a valid library card who wants to make use of the collections and facilities for educational purposes, research or self-study. Please see the Service and Collection page on the website for the opening hours. During the six exam periods, the Library is exclusively accessible to students and employees of the UvA; service to other members is then limited to the collection or return of borrowed materials. For the access policy for the Allard Pierson Reading Room, please see the Allard Pierson website.

13. Study spaces

  • The study spaces are primarily intended for students and employees of the UvA and accessible on presentation of a valid student ID card or staff ID card.
  • Library card holders (see Art. 14b through f) are welcome to use the libraries and study rooms outside the six exam periods. These exam periods will be announced in good time on the website. Library cards can be requested on the Library's website. For the access policy for the Law Library, please see the web page about the Law Library.

Registered as a member

14. The following persons may register as members:

  1. staff of the University of Amsterdam and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS). They are registered as Library members for the duration of their appointment; University of Applied Sciences students are registered as Library members for the duration of their enrolment;
  2. staff members or students of another Dutch University;
  3. staff members of the National Library of the Netherlands or the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences;
  4. students and staff members of the Amsterdam University of the Arts and the Gerrit Rietveld Academie;
  5. holders of a valid AUV card;
  6. others wanting to make use of the library for purposes of study and/or work.

For those who belong to categories a) through e), membership is free.

Students and staff members of Dutch universities will receive a UKB card after registering. Those who belong to category f) will be charged a yearly library card contribution. The university librarian decides on the amount charged as contribution.

15. In order to register for or renew a library card, identification (with a valid passport or driving license) is compulsory. For students of the UvA and AUAS, the student ID card also functions as their library card; for staff of these institutions, the staff ID card functions as their library card. Students of institutions other than the UvA must show their proof of enrolment. Staff members referred to under 14 a) through d) are required to show proof of their status as staff member.

Persons collecting their library card will be required to show valid ID with proof of their current address.

The library card entitles the holder to use all collection and lending facilities at all UvA and AUAS libraries. A library card is personal and may not be used by anyone other than the holder of the card.

The loss/theft of a card or any change of address should be reported via the Library's contact page or at a desk of the Library.

Personal data

16. The Library makes use of personal data in order to follow the lending procedure, including for the purpose of sending out reminders and information about members’ reserved items. The personal data may also be used to keep members informed of changes made to the lending procedures and for sending out announcements about the Library's services. See also the UvA Privacy Statement.


17. Any person who borrows works/material/devices from the Library commits himself/herself to:

  • immediately returning all work/material/devices upon first request or before the due date;
  • not lending the borrowed items to a third party or taking them abroad;
  • paying compensation and any administrative costs and collection charges in case of loss or damage to or any other depreciation of the work/material/devices borrowed or consulted.

18. If the loan period is exceeded, the borrower's account will be blocked. After returning the material by the borrower, the account will be unblocked again. The regulations concerning reminder emails and account blocking are listed on the Library's website.

19. Members can request and borrow a maximum of 50 works at any given time. The librarian is entitled to refuse consultation or lending of items if they deem this to be in the best interest of the Library.

20. In certain cases, reproducing sections of the works, or having these reproduced, is prohibited without the librarian's permission. Please consult the Library staff to obtain more information about this (and to pay any compensation owed).

Rules applying to members who have an IBL account

21. Interlibrary loan system (IBL) accounts are issued only to members in possession of a valid library card from the Library; these accounts are personal and are not transferable to third parties. Members are personally responsible for specifying their own email address and other user data correctly and for keeping the login details of the IBL account secret.

22. The Library is not responsible for the misuse of IBL accounts. As soon as a loss or theft is reported, the IBL account is immediately blocked by the Library. Any costs resulting from misuse by third parties will be borne by the member.

23. If desired, the IBL account can be blocked by the Library.

24. The fees charged for opening an IBL account can be found on the Library's website.

25. If an IBL account is not used for a period of two years, the account will be cancelled, and any remaining credit balance will be deleted.

26. The books received and borrowed via IBL must be returned before the lending period of four weeks has expired. This can be done at any of the Library locations.

Use of study spaces and access to UvAnet

27. The study spaces, PCs and network facilities in the Library are available for study purposes only. If they are used for other purposes, the Library staff can request that this use be discontinued. The UvAnet and ICT Rules of Conduct apply to the use of the UvA network and/or ICT/network equipment.

28. A study space with a PC must be used as such; if a user is not logged in or the space has not been used for 30 minutes, Library staff are allowed to free the space and/or log the user off.

29. Users of student PCs are responsible for saving/managing their own files. The UvA saves these files only temporarily. See the information on the start screen. When leaving a study space, users must always log off to prevent abuse of their account by third parties.

30. If a facility such as a study space, a study room or some other reserved space has not been used for longer than 15 minutes, Library staff are allowed to free the facility and/or cancel the reservation.

Complaints Procedure

31. Complaints can be submitted to the sector Campus Services of the University Library via the contact page or the printed complaints form. All complaints will be answered by email within two weeks.

Final provisions

32. Users of the Library and the UvAnet are liable for any damage caused to the UvA as a result of and connected to the use of the study spaces, available equipment, materials made available, furniture and the UvAnet.

The UvA is not liable for damage to and/or theft of personal property of users or visitors. In the case of personal injury, the policy for incidents, laid down by decision no. 2015cb0319 of the Executive Board of 30 September 2015, shall be followed. In the case of unauthorised changes, vandalism and/or damage to property mentioned above in this context, the loss will always be recouped from the perpetrator. Cases of theft will always be reported to the police.

33. The Library, the UvAnet and the connected systems are designed with the utmost care in order to ensure the highest standard of dependability. The UvA can never be held liable for any damage caused by or connected to the use of the Library and the UvAnet.

34. The university librarian is entitled to deviate from the rules laid down in these regulations at their own discretion and is the arbiter of any issue not foreseen by these regulations.

35. If any of the rules or instructions under or pursuant to these regulations are violated, access to the Library can be denied for a period still to be determined. The person concerned will be notified in writing if they are denied access to the library. Staff and students who are denied access may lodge an objection to this in accordance with the UvA's Regulations for handling complaints.

Last modified: 21 November 2022