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The construction of LAB42 is progressing rapidly. What has been done in the past week and what will happen this week? This week: pile trimming.

Gebouw LAB42

Weeks 42-45
In order to realise LAB42, the heads of 332 piles must be trimmed. In Dutch, the construction term for this is koppensnellen. Trimming involves removing excess concrete from the uppermost portion (the head) of each foundation pile, exposing the rebar so it can be connected to the foundation beams or piers. This work is set to begin in week 42.

Video showing 365-mm Octicon piles being trimmed using high-pressure atomisation

Video showing the trimming step-by-step

For more information, or if you have questions concerning the construction of LAB42, please feel free to contact area manager Simon de Roo: