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Currently, the COVID-19 coronavirus is active in the Netherlands. As an organisation, the UvA follows the guidelines set out by the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu, RIVM) to help prevent the spread of the virus. We can imagine that you have some questions about the consequences the coronavirus may have for the continuation of the projects in the University Quarter and our announcements in that regard.

Execution of works in the University Quarter Contractors and subcontractors have also refined their own guidelines for working on the projects and/or construction sites.  We currently do not know to what extent these measures will affect the schedules for these projects.

University Library contact moments and tours cancelled

The University Library tours that were planned up until 1 June are cancelled. The fate of the tour on 10 June is currently uncertain while we await further developments.
The planned meetings with parties including the UvA, the City, University Library management and surrounding residents and business owners are also cancelled. This concerns the following meetings:

  • Information meeting for business owners at 15:00 on 18 March.
  • Information meeting for surrounding residents at 16:00 on 25 March.
  • Building site visit for residents at 16:00 on 25 March.
  • Open office consultation with the site manager, weekly at 14:00 on Wednesdays.

We are currently investigating to what extent these meetings can be held digitally, and will inform you when we know more.

Strategic Master Plan progress

The City of Amsterdam and the UvA are currently hard at work on the execution of the University Quarter Strategic Master Plan. Works are set to continue as planned. The next public meeting where the draft Strategic Master Plan will be presented is expected to be scheduled in late April, but this is subject to change depending on the developments concerning the coronavirus. Further information will follow as it becomes available.

Digital communication on works and progress

Communication regarding the projects and the progress made in the University Quarter will only take place through digital means, at least until 28 April. Our internal target groups will be kept up to date on the progress through the regular internal communication channels. Local residents, business owners and other interested parties will not receive the usual door-to-door news messages during this time. So where can residents or business owners turn for information?

  • Visit our website for background information, or for the latest updates.
  • You can also use our Universiteitskwartierapp, where we also share the latest news. The app is free to download through Google Play (Android) and the App Store (iOS). Just search for 'Universiteitskwartier'.
  • Any neighbourhood news updates will be disseminated via  email to local residents, business owners and other interested parties using the email addresses currently known to the UvA. If you want to make sure that you will receive our email updates, please let us know by sending an email to