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At the start of October, the city of Amsterdam and the University of Amsterdam organised a participation evening for the residents, entrepreneurs and institutions of the University Quarter. It was announced during that evening that additional themed meetings were to follow. The meetings were scheduled for a number of Tuesdays, namely: 19 November, 26 November and 10 December of 2019 and 14 January of 2020. If you are a resident, entrepreneur or an interested party based in the University Quarter, then you are more than welcome to attend.

Strategic Master Plan University Quarter

In conjunction with the University of Amsterdam, the city of Amsterdam is preparing a Strategic Master Plan for the University Quarter. This plan describes the qualities and characteristics of the area between Oude Turfmarkt and Oude Hoogstraat and specifies the factors that will need to be taken into consideration when redeveloping the public space, redesigning the university buildings, logistics and mobility and rendering them more sustainable.

Four specific themed meetings

As part of the prep work for this Master Plan, talks were held with the local community for the purpose of participation. To round things off, the city of Amsterdam and the University of Amsterdam will be organising several more meetings on specific themes. You are more than welcome to attend these as well. The themes we will be focusing on stem from the previous participation process. 

What themes will be discussed and when?

Please find a list of the topics, dates and locations for the meetings below. More detailed information for each themed meeting can be found in the city of Amsterdam’s letter of invitation in Dutch (download PDF).

Themed meeting: Temporary initiatives and greening 
Date:        Tuesday 19 November 2019 
Location:    Waalse Kerk, Walenpleintje 157 
Time:        20.00 – 22.00

Themed meeting: Sustainability 
Date:         Tuesday 26 November 2019 
Location:     Hotel The Grand, Oudezijds Voorburgwal 197 
Time:         20.00 – 22.00

Themed meeting: Binnengasthuisterrein 
Date:         Tuesday 10 December 2019 
Location:    VOX-POP, Binnengasthuisstraat 9 (subject to change) 
Time:         20.00 – 22.00

Themed meeting: Mobility and traffic restrictions 
Date:         Tuesday 14 January 2020 
Location:     TBA 
Time:         20.00 – 22.00

Keen to find out more?

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