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After Studio Groen+Schild (G+S) was announced as the winner of the LAB42 interior design tendering procedure in late April, it made an immediate start with preparing a provisional design (PD) for the interior. The PD consists a design concept with draft floor plans, atmospheric, quiet and dynamic zones and the colours and materials to be used for moveable furniture. Recently, G+S held three meetings with students and staff: a 'Look and Feel' workshop, a 'Studying and Learning' workshop and an 'Identity and Exposure' workshop.

Workshop Look and Feel
Workshop Look and Fee LAB42l (photo Studio Groen + Schild)
Workshop Look and Feel Interior
Workshop Look and Feel LAB42 (photo Studio Groen + Schild)

On 22 May, G+S held a 'Look and Feel' workshop, where participants were invited to select their favourite from a series of atmospheric images. The expression 'Look and Feel' refers to the types of materials and colour ranges that determine the eventual atmosphere of the interior. The workshop focused on the themes of mingling, having lunch, working, studying and holding meetings. The preferred images were then bundled and put forward to all Informatics Institute (IvI) and Institute for Logic, Language and Computation (ILLC) staff and Informatics students in a survey. This resulted in 77 responses.

The beneath document contains a summary of the workshop and survey outcomes (only available in Dutch).

On 4 June, a further two workshops were held for IvI and ILLC staff and Informatics students on the subjects of Studying and Learning' and 'Identity and Exposure'. In the 'Studying and Learning' workshop, participants balanced all of the pros and cons of several interior design concepts for study places and lecture halls. The 'Identity and Exposure' workshop mainly focused on the question 'How can we demonstrate that LAB42 is an Informatics research and teaching hub?'.

Presentation of provisional design for LAB42 interior   

Studio G+S will present the provisional design between 12 noon and 13:00 on Wednesday, 10 July at the Faculty of Science, in building 904 (roomC0.05). Please register by sending an email to Although the presentation will be given in Dutch, questions will also be taken in English.

Following the presentation of the provisional design, Studio G+S will finalise the definitive design, which is scheduled to be ready in early October. The definitive design will be a spatial and functional elaboration of the provisional design.