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We attended all workshops we were invited to, along with the Faculty Student Council, and clearly explained the students' perspective.

We focused on practical issues. For example, there's no point putting in design chairs unless they're actually comfortable. Our version of a workspace is also different from what a regular staff member would need. As we explained to the designers, we have five people working at a big table.'

Floris Heringa, chair of the VIA study association

Heringa enjoyed being involved in the process, and is enthusiastic about the decision to locate VIA’s boardroom next to one of the LAB42 entrances. 'We refer to it as our association room, it's a place where all our members get to hang out and relax. The room is twice as large as the one we have now. The university will also be providing couches, tables and refrigerators, which is a real bonus. We will be making some minor adjustments to the plans that are currently on paper. For example, we'll be moving the refrigerators, and there's definitely going to be lots of stuff up on the walls again. It might seem a bit messy, but all those t-shirts, photos and posters show our association's history of almost twenty years. It feels like our living room, and we want to keep it that way.'