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As of 1 January 2021 the UvA has a 100% open access policy for scientific publications. One of the possibilities for UvA researchers to make their publications freely accessible, is the right that derives from Article 25fa of the Dutch Copyright Act.


In 2015 article 25fa was added to the Dutch Copyright Act; the so called ‘amendement Taverne’. Based on this article of the law, a short scientific work – which has not previously been published open but in a subscription journal – can after some time nonetheless be made freely accessible by the author. This also applies to e.g. conference papers and edited chapters.

Already 400 UvA researcher are using this right and almost 2.300 publications are made freely available. Do you also want this? The Library will arrange this for you when you give us permission using this online form.

How does it work?

You will give the Library permission to make – based on article 25fa Dutch Copyright Act – the publishers version (VoR) of your at the UvA published, and to be published, short scientific works freely accessible in the university repository UvA-DARE 6 months after online publication. We do this retrospectively, in first instance form 2015 onwards.

Towards 100% open access

Publications will become freely accessible and findable through Google Scholar. They will be free to read, download and print for citizens, professionals, companies and other scientists all over the world. You will contribute to the realization of the 100% open access ambition of the University of Amsterdam.

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