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The holiday season is almost upon us. As in previous years, the Library has decorated a wish tree. This time, though, it’s a digital version, rather than the physical variety at one of the Library’s locations. Every year, hundreds of library visitors share their New Year wishes in this tree. So UvA students and employees are now being invited to decorate the tree with their positive messages for the New Year.

The Wish Tree is a creation of Crasborn Communicatie Vormgevers.
The Wish Tree is a creation of Crasborn Communicatie Vormgevers.

The Library is a place for people to meet, a place that brings students and employees together – young as well as old, and regardless of what programme they are doing or what faculty they belong to. That is what the wish tree symbolises.

How does it work?

Go to Here, you can admire the tree and, by clicking on the decorations, find out what your fellow students and colleagues are wishing for the year 2021.

Care to post a wish of your own? Fill in your UvA email address and add a wish of no more than 350 characters. Once you have posted your wish, a new decoration will appear in the tree. You can see confirmation that it has been added in the ‘Latest Wishes’ column.

The wish tree has room for the 400 most recently posted wishes. You can find older wishes in the ‘All Wishes’ category.

#Doeslief (Be nice)

Feel free to express your wishes in your own way. But remember that the Library will remove any wishes that contain derogatory, discriminatory, or disrespectful language. Sharing someone else’s personal information is not permitted either.

Any questions?

Please contact us via Ask the Library if you have any questions.