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PhD student Victoria-Anne Michel presents the results of her research after collecting data through 'smell walks' in recent weeks in the University Library Singel. The research is part of the Odeuropa project in which a multidisciplinary team is researching Europe's scent heritage. This is the first edition of Mens in Residence, an initiative to find inspiration in the Library.
Event details of Second presentation: Discover what the Library smells like
10 June 2022
12:00 -12:30
Salon (room next to the canteen)
Organised by
Victoria-Anne Michel
Copyright: ODEUROPA_10 Researcher Caro Verbeek smelling a pomander ©CaroVerbeek

In her larger research into smellscapes in galleries, libraries, archives and museums, PhD student Victoria-Anne Michel has been inspired by the Library in recent weeks. The research is part of the Odeuropa project in which a multidisciplinary team is researching Europe's scent heritage. During her Mens in Residence, residency time at the Library, Victoria-Anne Michel took several smell walks. Now, at the end of the residency period, the results are presented in a multi-sensory presentation around the smellscape of our Library.

Mens in Residence

Mens in Residence is a residence stay in the Library where our guest can be inspired by the collection, the building, the locations, the people or other elements of the Library during  a month. Guests are artists, scientists, students, local residents and people. During the residency, we will work towards a final presentation. This presentation can be an activity or event, but also a work of art, article, column or other form of expression.

University Library

Room Salon (room next to the canteen)
Singel 425
1012 WP Amsterdam