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Train your nose, smellwalk in the library and do smell-inspired creations with Victoria-Anne Michel, PhD student. Your participation will help design a multisensory presentation about UvA library’s smellscape on the 9-10th of June, and help develop research. This is the first edition of Mens in Residence, an initiative to find inspiration in the Library.
Event details of What does the Library smell like?
Start date
24 May 2022
End date
3 June 2022
Copyright: ODEUROPA_10 Researcher Caro Verbeek smelling a pomander ©CaroVerbeek

Join an hour-long group smellwalk where you will be guided to tell about the smells you perceive while walking around the Library.

As an extra, you also have the opportunity to "train your nose" during an olfactory training session of 30 minutes in which you will smell six different smells.

If you don't have time to sniff and walk around, still feel free to stick some notes on the big nose at entrance about any sensory impressions you have or have had in the library.

Odeuropa project

Victoria-Anne Michel, PhD student at Odeuropa. The H2020 project “Odeuropa” extracts smell-related data from historical images and texts to create narratives around it and create an Encyclopedia available to the public as well as best practices for cultural and heritage places willing to engage with smells.