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Students can help decide which new elective course will be offered next year at the UvA. Cast your vote and help decide which of the ten proposals will go on to the finals.


In recent months, students were given the opportunity to send in a proposal for a new interdisciplinary elective course.

A total of 51 students submitted their idea and 14 of them further developed their idea into a course.

The programme committee of the Create a Course Challenge has now selected the top 10, based on their degree of interdisciplinarity, social relevance and creativity. They also considered the way the course content is organised, and whether innovative work and assessment forms are used. 

The top 10 of 2019  

  • The politics of fashion 

  • Post-humans in the Anthropocene: a relational inquiry into humanity futures, other species, and the environment 

  • Prototyping the future of media: the crash course in the latest tech trends 

  • Cash rules everything around me 

  • Environ mental health 

  • Dutch footprint 

  • The meaning of life in a world without work 

  • (Ir)rationality of man: foundations of good decision-making; living the experiments 

  • The pharmaceutical industry: what are the limits? 

  • Science, open up! Open science in different disciplines 


More information

How do I vote?

Anyone with a UvA ID can vote for his or her top-3 online. By doing this, you give three points to your number one, two points to number 2 and one point to your number three. Please note that you can only cast your vote once. You can vote until Monday 18 November 12:00. 

The finals

During the finals a jury will determine which entry will win and will be rewarded with the realisation of the course. The winner can then immediately start as a student-assistant of their very own course. You are welcome to visit the finals on Thursday, 28 November, 17:30-19:30 in de Brug, Roeterseiland. After the finals we will all toast the winner!

Last year's winner 

Last year the Challenge was won by Julie Maas (International Lifestyle Studies), Nils Boonstra (B├Ęta-gamma), Ida van Koolwijk (Sociology) and Tijmen Kuyper (Social Geography). Their course 'Biotechnologie: van medicijn tot Frankenstein' is being offered right now as an elective at the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies.