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Do you want to enrich your education and are you looking for new opportunities? In this workshop you will be introduced to 3D printing for use in education and how both 3D printed models and the 3D printing process can contribute to learning objectives and learning activities. Based on successful examples of objects integrated into VU educational design, this session provides a solid foundation to get started.
Event details of 3D Printing, the Basics: Experience the Power of Maker Education
29 January 2024
13:30 -14:50
VU Education Lab

After completing this workshop: 

  • you know the added value of 3D prints for educational purposes 

  • you know the added value of maker education and the role that 3D printers can play in this 

  • you have discovered how these technologies can contribute to your specific educational practice and you will learn how the university library supports you in this 

  • you know what equipment is available and what the technical options are for using 3D prints 

Teachers from the HvA and UvA who participate in this workshop can also gain access to the 3D printing facilities of the VU after the workshop (in consultation with the workshop instructor and based on availability). 

Workshop instructor: Linde Voorend

This workshop is part of the Library Academy. Teachers and support staff can participate in workshops from Monday January 29 to Wednesday January 31, 2024 at the Libraries of the University of Amsterdam, the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, and the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

Registration for the workshops of the Library Academy 2024 has closed.