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The University Library has recently revamped the thesis publication environment UvA Scripties (formerly Scripties Online). The web page with faculty information about publishing theses has also been updated. These efforts follow the implementation of the new, partly harmonised thesis workflow in Canvas which is now being used to set up thesis-based courses.

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Image: Monique Kooijmans

The update includes:

  • the website UvA Scripties, formerly Scripties Online;
  • the web page Publishing your thesis, including information about image rights, a sample Canvas questionnaire and an instructional video;
  • the partly harmonised setup of thesis-based courses in Canvas.

UvA Scripties

The UvA Scripties website shows all the theses whose authors (UvA students) have indicated that document may be published online. The theses in UvA Scripties can be found via search engines such as Google and are therefore accessible from anywhere in the world. Students themselves decide whether their thesis may be published. The UvA encourages the open-access publication of theses in order to disseminate knowledge through all layers of society and provide an insight into the UvA’s teaching.

Tips for writing and publishing a thesis

The Library emphasises that students should pay careful attention to the rules and guidelines regarding the use of copies of others’ work and images when writing their thesis. Along with the revamped UvA Scripties site, the Publishing your thesis information page on the Library website has been rewritten and updated with information about image rights and the Copyright Information Site (CIS). An example of the Canvas questionnaire for publishing has been added as well. Students who are enrolled in a thesis-based course must complete this questionnaire in Canvas before submitting the final version of their thesis. Finally, the page indicates each faculty’s thesis policy and specifies whom students should contact if they have questions.

Thesis workflow

With the implementation of the thesis workflow in Canvas, students’ full thesis file is available to those parties involved throughout the process. The Canvas thesis workflow makes version management, duplicate storage and superfluous manual work things of the past. Upon publication, theses are automatically forwarded to the Library’s publication environment.

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