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Need a PC or laptop?

Is your own laptop not available and do you urgently need one? Then submit a request to the Library to borrow a Chromebook or rent a laptop.

Need a desktop pc? 

The UvA Library offers students and staff bookable individual study spaces with PC on every campus. You can find specific software on these PCs, such as SPSS. All PCs automatically log out after 30 minutes of inactivity. See an overview of the available software on PCs in the study centers. As a UvA student or employee, you can book a study space with a desktop PC via our reservation system for study spaces. Read how to reserve a study place (with PC)


Borrow a Chrome OS laptop (Chromebook)

As a UvA student, you can borrow a Chromebook at the Library. Chromebooks work with a guest profile. You can use Google services (e.g. Google Docs), Proctorio and the online version of Office 365. It is not possible to install software yourself.  

It is possible to borrow a Chromebook for one day at the reception desk of the University Library Singel, the Library Learning Center REC and the Science Park library.

For students who urgently need a Chromebook because their own laptop is under repair or because of an exam with online proctoring, it is possible to borrow a Chromebook for a longer period of time (14 days). You can submit a request via the Library contact form. Please note: The number of Chromebooks is limited.

Borrow or rent a Windows laptop

For those who need a laptop, there is the option to rent one via or with a discount via Surfspot.

Students at the Faculty of Science can borrow a laptop at Science Park Library for € 2.50 per day.

Lock your laptop 

Short break? Make sure to lock your laptop. You can borrow a laptop lock for a day for free at the information desk of the University Library Singel. The locks work on Windows laptops and Chromebooks. The Library is not liable for loss of property.