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Digital Study Sessions


For students who miss studying in the library with fellow students, the Library is working on a new project: Onlinebrary. An online environment that helps you study at home.  You will find the concentration and motivation of studying together in the library, except that you're at home.

We need your help to develop this concept optimally. By taking part in the focus group you will help us develop this concept into the optimum online study environment.

Do you want to partipate? Please, contact us.

Bring the library into your home

Students can make use of a binaural soundscape (3D) for studying at home. Does music distract you too much while studying? Or does your study place at home not even remotely resemble that of the library? Put on your headphone or earbuds, switch on the soundscape and in no time you will imagine yourself in the study space of the Library (location: University Library Singel).

In the following sound recording: the familiar chatter of the air conditioning in study room A1.01, the echo in the stairwell, the cleaner and the traffic on the Singel. The porter will let you know when it is time for a break.

In the following sound recording: a computer session near the desk, the chatter of the coffee machine, someone who comes to get a book, tap and click. The porter will let you know when it is time for a break.

Digital Study Space - Pilot

From Monday 29 June to Friday 3 July, 09:00 – 18:00 hrs, the first pilot of the Digital Study Space took place. This so-called Digital Study Space enables you to study with fellow students, but from home. We are working on another pilot during the summer break.

The Digital Study Space can be visit via ZOOM and even includes programmed study breaks. Use your UvA or AUAS account to log in. After logging in to the online study environment, you will see other students studying, and you can take breaks together by withdrawing to a breakout session or joining a break programme.