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PCs and study spaces

study at University Library

Study rooms

All study spaces have wireless internet. The signal is optimal and there are easy to reach power outlets.

Study rooms house rules

  • Mobile phones are not allowed
  • Eating is not allowed
  • Drinks must be kept in closed containers
  • Respect other patrons, so no loud behaviour please.

Study spaces with a PC

There are seven libraries, so-called study centres, where you can work with internet, Microsoft Office, SPSS, etc. These computer study spaces are open to all UvA students. Login with your UvAnetID. The available software is listed on the UvA students site.

After 20 minutes of inactivity the computer changes to a screensaver and you lose your right to this study space. Library personnel can then log you out, so that the first waiting in line can log in. Your personal belongings will be kept at the library desk, for you to collect them.

Most study centres have a number of 15 minutes PCs, for quick use. After 15 minutes you will be automatically logged out. You cannot immediately log in again. If you need longer, please log in at one of the ordinary PCs.

Each study centre has a help desk to answer questions about the computer study spaces and other ICT services of the UvA. Or you can phone 020-525 1405 or Ask the Library.

House rules for study spaces with PC

  • mobile phones are not allowed
  • eating is not allowed
  • drinks must be kept in closed containers
  • respect other patrons, so no loud behaviour please

Collaboration rooms

In several libraries there are rooms where students can collaborate. These rooms are without a computer, but there are power outlets for the use of private laptops.

House rules for collaboration rooms

  • Eating and smoking is not allowed

  • Drinks must be kept in closed containers

Study carrels

For quiet or concentrated study, there are study carrels for individual use in the University Library at Singel. They are on the third floor in the study room at the back.
If you have a UvAnetID and a laptop, you can use the internet: the signal is optimal and there are easy to reach power outlets.

House rules for study carrels

  • The study carrels are available only to students with a valid UvA student ID card.
  • The study carrels are available for one (part of the) day only. They cannot be booked beforehand.
  • To receive the key, you must pay a deposit of €10 to the porter.
  • When leaving the building, you must always return the key to the porter. You are not allowed to pass the key to anyone else.
  • Eating is not allowed in the carrels.
  • On leaving the study carrel, please make sure it is empty and clean.
  • If the key is lost or stolen, please notify the porter immediately. If you have lost the key, you will not be returned the €10 deposit.

Lost and found

Lost property is kept by the porter for up to three months. If we find credit cards or other valuable papers, we try to notify the owner. For other objects, please ask the porter.