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Study Spaces

The UvA Library offers a wide range of study places on each campus, with more than 4,500 spots to choose from. You can study by yourself or in a group, in both open and closed rooms. All study places are equipped with wireless internet and easily accessible power outlets. The collaborative areas have whiteboards and/or screens.

Due to the corona virus, the Library works on a phased reopening of the library locations. To make studying in the University Library as safe as possible for all of us, we have laid out a number of rules. Read about reserving a study place.

Booking a study space | UvA Spacefinder

Need a computer? A place to study quietly? Or a room to collaborate with fellow students? The Library has various kinds of study spaces, all of which you can find on UvA Spacefinder. In the UB Singel, Library Learning Centre Roeterseiland and the Science park, you can even reserve those study spaces


Check our page about UvA Spacefinder on how to use it.

Studying during exam periods

The study spaces are very busy during examination periods. The UvA Library therefore offers extended opening hours and additional study places during these times. For information about additional study places, keep an eye on the location page, the on-campus information displays and the messages on our social media channels.

Access policy | Remember to bring your card!

During evenings and weekends, study places at the University Library on the Singel and the Library Learning Centre on the Roeterseiland Campus can only be accessed with a valid UvA/AUAS student ID card or library card. Students and staff from other universities cannot access these areas during evenings and weekends in exam periods.

The UvA Library during exam periods.

Need to use a desktop PC?

The UvA Library offers individual study places with a PC on every campus. You can use these PCs for specific software, such as SPSS. All PCs automatically log you out after 30 minutes of inactivity. Most locations also have 15-minute PCs available, which are intended for brief use. These PCs log you out after 15 minutes and do not allow you to immediately log in again.

See an overview of the available software.

See the overview of PCs that are currently available.

Studying with a disability

The UvA Library has a variety of facilities for students with disabilities.

Read about the options.

House rules for study places

  • Phone calls and food are not permitted in the study areas. 
  • Only drinks in sealed packaging are allowed in the study areas.
  • Keep noise levels to a minimum.
  • Do not leave your belongings unattended.
  • Do not occupy study places unnecessarily. If you are taking a break for more than 30 minutes, please make your place available for someone else.


The UvA Library makes every effort to provide a sufficient number of high-quality study places. If you have any suggestions for improving the study places or if you would like to submit a complaint, please contact us via Ask the Library.