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In addition to LAB42, work is now also being done on Matrix ONE at the Amsterdam Science Park. Two separate construction projects, but from the outside it looks like one construction site. Therefor, both parties have decided to merge the area management for both projects.

LAB42 ontwerp

This creates one desk for questions about the construction work of both projects. From now on you can contact area manager Simon de Roo,

Update LAB42

For LAB42, all foundation piles and sheet piling have been placed in the recent period and the tower crane has found a place on the building plot. Now, until February 2021, all further ground/ foundation work, such as making a sprinkler cellar, pouring floors and laying the sewer system, will be carried out. We can report that no peaks in nuisance are to be expected during all this construction work. Regular (continued) construction is now required for LAB42. More information about the construction activities of LAB42

Update Matrix One

For Matrix One, the finishing touches are being put to the laying of cables and pipes. The construction site is currently being set up and foundation work will start later this month. Matrix One, just like LAB42, will be founded on screw injection piles. These are concrete piles that are formed in the ground. A steel tube is twisted into the ground which, while slowly being pulled up again, is filled with concrete. Compared to traditional piling, this method has low-vibrations and thus produces considerably less noise and vibration.

The sheet piles are also installed using a low-vibration system. The intention is not to install the sheet piles using a traditional vibratory hammock, but to use a 'pressure' method. This method has low-vibrations and thuss produces less noise and vibrations. During the work, everything is accurately measured with vibration meters. As soon as the agreed value is exceeded, the contractor will receive a text message and the work will be halted in order to investigate the cause and to take the necessary measures. More information about the future Matrix One and a live stream from the construction site.