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Because of the need to do preparatory work for the construction of LAB42 we will be making some modifications to the area surrounding Science Park 904. The following is an overview of the scheduled building works.

New location of bicycle parking facility

The bicycle parking facility opposite Science Park 904 building A will be moved to the plot alongside the main entrance of this building. This new parking facility is due to be ready before the summer. Prior to the move, the current bicycle parking facility will be cleared out.

Bicycle parking facility clear-out

From week 17 February until 21 February, Facility Services will be labelling broken-down bicycles in the bicycle racks opposite Science Park 904 building A. All broken-down and abandoned bicycles will be labelled. Any labelled bicycles that have not been retrieved by their owner by 13 March will be moved to temporary storage in the bicycle parking facility underneath building F. Bicycle locks that have been snapped off will not be reimbursed. The other bicycle parking facilities at Amsterdam Science Park will not be cleared out. If you have any questions, please contact or call +31 (0)20 525 1403.

Installation of cables and ducts

Before the summer Facility Services will start installing cables and ducts in the area where the bicycle parking facility is now. This is to prepare the plot for the construction of LAB42.

Outside area no longer available for activities/events

From April the area surrounding Science Park 904 will no longer be available for the hosting of events. This also applies to the adjacent plot next to cafĂ© Polder. If you want to organise an outdoor event elsewhere, please contact the municipality to ask for a permit. If you intend to organise an event before the summer, please contact the municipality as well. They will be able to tell you whether any opportunities are still available in the coming period.

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