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Today we distributed a Neighbourhood News message with an update on the progress of the construction work in and around the University Library. In the message, we also answered local residents frequently asked questions for the contractor.

Supply of heavy material

Which activities are currently taking place?

The work on the foundation piles outside the Tweede Chirurgische Kliniek is now complete. Inside the Tweede Chirurgische Kliniek, the foundation piles installation work is still in full swing. We will be continuing this work in the weeks ahead. In addition to installing the foundation piles, we are also working on driving the sheet pile walls. We are making our way from Nieuwe Doelenstraat via Binnengasthuisstraat and on to Vendelstraat. Liander has also begun the preparatory work to connect the temporary transformers at the building site for the power supply in the immediate vicinity. Connections for the cabling are being made at various locations in preparation for activating the temporary transformers.

Schedule and frequently asked questions

Local residents regularly have a number of questions for the contractor. These questions and their answers are included in the Neighbourhood News message that was distributed today. The message also contains the construction schedule.

Read the full Neighbourhood News message here (in Dutch).

Temporary replacement for contractor's area manager

The contractor's area manager, Ingeborg Kappert, will be on holiday from Friday, 11 October until Monday, 4 November. If you have any questions about the construction project, you can contact Paul Beljaars in her absence: +31 (0)6 50 22 43 17 |

If you have any questions that are not related to the construction work, please contact Thomas Vernooij for UvA-related matters ( or or Marian Breeman for municipal matters (

If you have any complaints about the public space, such as uncollected waste, full rubbish bins, loose pavement tiles, broken lighting or other issues, you can report these at: