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As previously announced, hoisting is scheduled to take place on Turfdraagsterpad from week 35 until week 42 (26 August-18 October) as part of the renovation of the Allard Pierson building.

Allard Pierson building
Allard Pierson building

Allard Pierson building

The works will begin on Friday, 30 August. Turfdraagsterpad will be closed for part of the day. BG1 and BG2 can be accessed by using the indicated diversion route via Grimburgwal and the BG premises. It will not be possible to use the BG1 parking spaces during these weeks.

An announcement will be made next week regarding the schedule of hoisting activities in weeks 36 and 37 (2-13 September 2019). We will of course provide you with further information as soon as possible.

Accessibility of Turfdraagsterpad

The crane will be positioned at the operating location for BG1 (see the drawing below).
During the actual hoisting activities, the green gates will be closed. Diversion route signs will be put in place and traffic wardens will be on site to guide traffic while work is taking place.

Please note that all emergency exits and BG1 will remain accessible for emergency vehicles.

Location UK
Location work in progress