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Would you like to have all University Quarter news sent directly to your phone? Would you like to receive news first, wherever and whenever suits you, in a quick and easy fashion? If the answer is yes, the new University Quarter app, launched by the UvA this month, is just what you need.

What can you do with the app?

Students, staff, local residents and anyone curious can read all about how the University Quarter is being developed. The app also provides information on how the construction and redevelopment of buildings, such as the new University Library and the Allard Pierson renovation, is progressing. It provides all the details you desire for each area and each building. The app also provides updates on news and upcoming meetings. Another option the apps provides is getting in touch with the UvA, for example if you have any questions or in the event of any emergencies involving building projects.

This is the first release of the app. Work will be taking place on an updated version in the months to come. One of the most important aspects we wish to include in the app is the possibility for interaction. We also want to hear about users' experience with the app, so we can focus even more on our target group's wishes. If you're interested in joining the user panel or would like to know more about this, please send an email to

Currently, the app is only available in Dutch. As a result, the language the user panel will be using is strictly Dutch as well.

Download the app now!

The app is a University of Amsterdam release. It can be downloaded for free and is available in versions suitable for either smartphones or tablets. The app is available in the Android and iOS (Apple) app stores. Search in your app store for 'Universiteitskwartier' to find the app for your smartphone or tablet.

Download the University Quarter App (Dutch only)