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On Saturday 30 May 2015, we will test the Central Energy Facility (CEF) and the Combined Heat and Power (CHP) on the Roeterseiland campus. The purpose of this test is to assess whether the CHP can provide enough electricity in an emergency situation.

Central Energy Facility (CEF)

Possible noise nuisance

The CHP will be operated at full capacity for an hour. The energy generated will be discharged via Load Banks. These Load Banks ensure that all of the energy generated, which will not be used during the test due to the deactivated installations, is safely discharged. The existing cooling towers will dissipate the heat generated. The Load Banks produce noise therefore there be some noise nuisance.

On Friday 29 May, preparations will be made for the test and the Load Banks will be placed within an enclosure outside on the platform near the structure over the Nieuwe Achtergracht canal. The actual test will commence on Saturday 30 May at 10:00. If everything goes according to plan, we expect everything to function normally again around noon. If the test does not yield the desired result, a second test may need to be conducted on the same day.

This is an annually recurring test that will be conducted for the first time in 2015.

Why are we working on the weekend?

The test has implications for the power supply in several buildings and therefore also the safety facilities. It will therefore be done on the weekend. The test will be conducted by the BAM contractor in cooperation with various other contractors. Fire department and security personnel will also be present.