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The Central Energy Facility’s water management system regulates the quality of the cooling water in the facility. From 30 June 2015, the pipes in this system will be flushed. If the water is not of sufficient quality, there is the risk of corrosion and emulsification on the insides of the pipes. The planned maintenance will help ensure that the system remains in good working order.


What will you notice?

Water used to flush the pipes is transported by tankers. A total of six tankers will be used, and these will be located on the BAM building site (Building A) on several occasions in the coming weeks. Hoses will transport the water underneath the temporary staircase into the Central Energy Facility, located in Building B/C.

Road traffic controllers and site officials will supervise the movement of the tankers on and around the Roeterseiland campus.

Pumps will occasionally be used to pump the water in and out of the containers on the building site in order to reduce the pressure in the hoses. These pumps produce a limited amount of noise.


This maintenance is not expected to inconvenience campus users. You will see contractors working in and around Building B/C. Provisions have been made in the maintenance plan for all potential calamities, such as hoses rupturing (which could lead to water leakages).