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We are giving the outdoor space around the campus a makeover, to make it more attractive. As part of a new landscape design we are felling and replanting trees and replacing the old paving with new, in line with the design by architects bureau Inside Outside.

Replanting of trees

For each tree on campus that we fell, we will be planting a new tree. Moreover we will provide the trees with more growing space and better soil. The contractor will attempt as far as possible to do the felling at times that cause minimum disruption to teaching.

Which trees?

On 23 and 24 February, all of the trees along Nieuwe Prinsengracht, on the canalside in front of building L and on the site between buildings E and G/L will be felled. The City of Amsterdam recently gave permission for the felling of a total of 47 trees to enable the re-landscaping of the outdoor campus area. There were no objections to felling trees on the northern side of campus. There was one objection to felling trees on the southern side of the campus.  On 23 and 24 February we will be felling trees on the northern side of campus.

Why are these trees being removed?

Some of them are diseased and others will impede the access routes for the emergency services after the restructuring work. The condition of the trees differs. The UvA has chosen to now fell and replant all trees on the northern side of campus at once because this will result in a more uniform growth and street view. Of course, while felling the trees, we will make sure we comply fully with the rules of the Flora and Fauna Act (Flora- en Faunawet). One of its stipulations is that birds' nests must not be disturbed.