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From the start of next year, the psychologists will be relocating to their new area in the monumental building in Nieuwe Prinsengracht. The work to prepare the building for use not only involves painting but also some demolition work, including asbestos removal.


This additional asbestos removal work is necessary because some remnants of asbestos were found in the building during recent demolition work. All of the work will take place within the building itself and will have no impact on the surrounding area.

What will happen?

In order to enable work to proceed and in view of the maximum load that a floor can bear, the material will be removed as quickly as possible, on Saturday 27 June, Saturday 4 July and Saturday 18 July between 08.00 and 16.00. The material will be lifted out of the building in sealed packages and loaded into two containers. A traffic supervisor will be on site during the work. The trucks will leave the city via Roetersstraat and Plantage Middenlaan.


If you have any questions or comments about the work, please contact the Roeterseiland Campus area manager Carin Bosboom.