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Students and staff have indicated that they find it hard to find their way around the buildings and facilities at Roeterseiland Campus. This is one of the reasons why Real Estate Development has been asked to work together with campus users to find a way to improve the signposting.



This does not just concern the final signposting for when the work has been completed, but also the temporary signposting while the rebuilding work is in progress. Real Estate Development and consultant Menoor B.V. will work together with campus users to map out visitor flows and logistic movements, based on studies of the situation and interviews. This research will be used to draw up a vision and a plan of approach. 


The project group, which comprises representatives of students, faculties and services, expects to have completed its plans by June 2015. The temporary signposting will then be implemented, so that students starting their study programmes at Roeterseiland Campus on 1 September will be able to find the way to their destination without any problems.
The permanent signposting will be put in place once all the building work and re-landscaping of the outdoor space has been completed.