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At the start of the last academic year, it became clear that students and staff members wanted better signs on the campus. Together with an external expert, a project group of users, including a delegation of student representatives, designed the new signposting. The buildings are central to this design. Each building has been given a colour and a letter.


What will be placed?

An information board will be placed at every entrance to the campus (image A). A flexible system of poles with signs bearing the letters and the colours of the buildings will also be created (image B). These signs will provide directions to visitors on the campus. Boards with the unique colour and letter of the building will be placed at the entrances to the buildings (image C).

Design of the new signposting

Temporary and permanent signs together

Due to the developments on the Roeterseiland campus, the access roads to buildings may sometimes change. By using a system with flexible boards that can be inserted into poles, it is relatively easy to create temporary signs. This saves costs and also has a professional appearance.

When will the signs be placed?

The new signs will be placed on the campus in the last two weeks of August.
All signs with directions to the buildings will be placed prior to the 1st day of lectures. There will also be an information board at the new Roetersstraat entrance. The information boards at the other access roads to the Roeterseiland campus will be placed in the following weeks.