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Rachid Salhi is owner of the Bagels & Beans lunchroom on Roetersstraat, directly opposite the Roeterseiland campus. He recently took part in a guided tour through the new teaching buildings on the campus.

'As an entrepreneur it is only natural for me to look beyond my own business, to the surrounding area. I've been here for almost two years now, and can see the Plantage neighbourhood getting better all the time.

Study and lounge spaces

During the tour I noticed how perfectly the space is put to use. Everywhere throughout the building spaces have been created where students can study or discuss projects. That's a very up-to-date approach. The building over the Achtergracht with the Brug restaurant is truly an architectural masterpiece, a great location looking out over the city, phenomenal!' 

Library open seven days a week
'As someone born and bread in Amsterdam and who studied here, I think Amsterdam is a great city for students. And a city campus really suits Amsterdam's character. I personally feel the open city campus here at Roeterseiland is a great success. The library is open seven days a week, even in the evenings.

Synergy between university and local businesses

Students also come to my lunchroom to study or work on their thesis. That is the synergy between the university and all the businesses on Roetersstraat, we really benefit from one another. Because the campus surroundings must also be attractive to the students: sometimes they want a change, and they can find it here.'

UvA bagel

As an illustration of the good relationship with the campus, in the next academic year Salhi will be adding a special UvA bagel to his menu. From March, Bagel & Beans will have a suggestion box where students can submit their ideas for this bagel. 'We'll put the best idea on the menu.’ 

Want to see the new Roeterseiland campus for yourself?

Take a look at the calendar to see when the next guided tour is scheduled.