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'Students are often in a hurry and stick to regular routes. You have to take that into account in the signposting', says Anneloes Dijkstra from the Central Student Council and member of the Signposting project group.


Together with Eelkje van der Veen from the Faculty Student Council, Anneloes has been involved with the project group from the start. 'There are always two or three representatives from the Student Councils at meetings.’ They find the proposed design 'attractive, modern and sleek'. 

Colours are important

For the student councils the colours on the signs are important, because 'they have to go with the colours in the buildings on campus', says Anneloes. ‘And in the morning students want to grab a quick cup of coffee, so signs pointing to the catering facilities are also useful.' The Menoor agency, which is responsible for the design, spoke with various parties beforehand about needs and desires. Anneloes Dijkstra thinks it is a good thing that all the different views are being taken into consideration. ‘In the design I recognise things that came up in discussions with us.' 


Signs in the underground

'We are also dedicated to having signposting on the pedestrian routes from the underground and the main bike routes', says Eelkje. 'Especially new students tend to come by public transport in their first year. That is why there have to be signs right in the underground.' That is something they hope they can arrange with the City of Amsterdam, going through area manager Carin Bosboom. Another issue that needs sorting is the visibility of the campus. 'For example, you could have UvA in big letters on the roof of one of the buildings.' 

Pragmatic approach

The two students are quite pleased with the Menoor agency's professional and pragmatic approach. 'We receive a PowerPoint of the presentation beforehand. We can use this to ask for feedback from fellow students', says Anneloes. This ensures input from a broader spectrum of students.

Besides its student members, the Signposting project group also includes facility managers from the faculties and representatives from Facility Services, Communication, CREA and Real Estate Development.