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Since April, the contractor for the outside area has been at work on Nieuwe Prinsengracht and the Green Nose (the green spot at the end of Nieuwe Prinsengracht and Nieuwe Achtergracht). Work is being carried out here on the cables and pipes, as well as the construction of a new pavement. This means that Nieuwe Achtergracht is temporarily inaccessible on the side of the Lab, starting from where the two small bridges are situated.


Soil contamination

It has been taken into account in planning the work that there will be a certain degree of pollution in the subsurface. The construction workers will therefore have to take special safety measures so that they are able to work there. In addition, no gangway may be created in the work area. The work area is therefore fenced off.


Pedestrians and cyclists can safely go past these fences over the Green Nose to and from Plantage Muidergracht. Pedestrians and cyclists can reach the entrance of the REC BCD, REC E and the Lab by following Nieuwe Achtergracht next to the CREA.