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Until Friday 30 January, a crane will be working next to Building E in order to remove demolition waste and bring in new supplies of building materials. During this period, there will be some extra freight traffic along Nieuwe Prinsengracht and in the square between Buildings E and G. Traffic managers will be in place to ensure that cyclists and pedestrians can pass safely. They may ask you to get off your bicycle for safety reasons.


In order to minimise the inconvenience, the removal of waste and the supply of building materials is scheduled to occur an average of once a month on four consecutive days. A construction site has been set up in the square between Buildings E and G for the storage of building materials. It is still possible to use the underground cycle park under Building E.

Refurbishment of offices in Building E

Work on the renovation of the office spaces in Building E started in December. Almost all the work is taking place inside the building. This means that limited localised inconvenience is expected. If any noise disruption is expected, we will inform users around the building in plenty of time. We will be renewing the climate control system, and cabling for electricity and data. There will also be more open spaces with pantries that can be used as meeting places. The walls are being repainted and a new carpet will be fitted. We are using light materials and colours.  After the renovation, Building E will house:

  • the study programme in Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics (PPLE),
  • the CREED research institute (Centre for Research in Experimental Economics and Political Decision),
  • various other sections of the Faculty of Economics and Business, and,
  • the reception desk, back office and training area of the Student Service Desk (SSD).