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The construction work on building A has been causing noise nuisance in recent months. It has not been possible to make any agreements with the contractor regarding the work carried out so far, but agreements have now been made for future activities. Work will be carried out inside the building in the weekend of 18 April.


Construction work on Saturday

We have been able to make agreements with the contractor regarding further work in the basement of building B/C/D (removal of the last section of the base of the crane). The activities will be grouped together and carried out on Saturday 18 April from 8.00.

The work will consist mainly of drilling and grinding. The work has been planned for the weekend to spare the occupants any inconvenience caused by noise and bad smells. We do not expect any inconvenience for occupants of surrounding buildings because the work will be performed inside the building.

Builders at work

A small group of workers will be present at the construction site of building A from 8.00. They will enter building B/C from the side of building A. The preparatory work will be carried out from Wednesday 15 to Friday 17 April.