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Now that the renovations of one section of Building E are finished, the Faculty of Economics and Business can resume using this part of the building. Over the period ahead, works will begin at Building G.


The first phase of the renovation of Building E will be complete on Monday, 30 March. This concerns the shortest white tower and part of the tallest white tower. In the second week of April, Faculty of Economics and Business staff will be able to resume use of their offices. The Center for Research in Experimental Economics and political Decision-making, or CREED, which is the Faculty's research lab, will be relocating to the 8th floor of the tallest white tower, the upper floors of which are being prepared to accommodate the back office of the Student Services Desk. Classrooms located in the shortest white tower will also reopen on 30 March. 

Renovations in Building E (Roetersstraat 11)

During the renovation, offices were opened up to create space for meeting areas. The walls have been plastered and painted, systems to improve air quality installed and the interior revamped. The relocation will take place from Thursday, 26 to Saturday 28 March. This will result in heavier than normal lorry traffic on Roetersstraat on Saturday due to a limited number of removal vans that will be loading and unload here. The move will be finished by 17:00 at the latest.
We will make every effort minimise any inconvenience arising from these activities. Unfortunately, we will not be able to prevent it entirely. We kindly ask for you understanding.

Renovations at Building G (Nieuwe Prinsengracht 130)

With classrooms in Building E ready to reopen, the refurbishment of Building G can begin, which is being renovated for use by the Psychology Department of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences. This work will continue until the end of December 2015. After the end of classes in late March, Facility Services will begin removing the furniture. In April, after all staff and students have left, the contractor will begin asbestos removal work in a small section of the building. A second contractor will subsequently start on the actual construction work.

Any questions?

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Carin Bosboom, area manager at the Roeterseiland Campus, by phoning 020 - 525 7704 or sending an email to