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On Monday 30 November there will be a crane on site between Buildings E and G. The crane will be used to hoist steel parts onto the roof of Building E. The crane will arrive on campus in the morning via Nieuwe Prinsengracht and work will continue throughout the day.


How will this affect you?

The passage between Buildings E and G will be narrower on 30 November. Traffic controllers will be used to ensure the safe passage of staff, students and passers-by past the work. The bicycle park under Building E will remain accessible.

Why is it necessary?

As part of the renovation of Building E, an air-conditioning system was installed to create a pleasant climate in the building. The air conditioning unit is located on the roof. In order to hide the unit from view, we are enclosing it within a steel housing. The first parts of this housing will be hoisted onto the roof on 30 November. The remaining parts will follow in January, when the work will be completed.