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On the morning of Saturday 8 October the new bridge across the Nieuwe Achtergracht canal will be delivered in sections. This bridge will join the northern and southern parts of the campus from next year. The work will start at 04:00 and continue until around 19:00.

The new bridge

Why so early?

The bridge sections include four girders each of which is 27 metres long. The bridge sections will be transported to the campus by two trucks, arriving on Saturday 8 October between 04:00 and 06:00. The trucks are 32 metres long and will be driven through the city to Roetersstraat under escort. It is a requirement of the city that such exceptional transport should arrive at its destination before 06:00. The city has issued a permit for this.

One of the bridge girders

A crane will be used to hoist the bridge sections from the trucks. The crane will arrive on campus at 04:00 and will be set up on the northern side of the Nieuwe Achtergracht canal, adjacent to Building H (Roetersstraat 11).

What next?

The bridge will be assembled over the coming months, and from 2017, it will form a link between the entrance hall of Building E and the new entrance hall of Buildings A, B and C.

Want to come and watch?

You will be welcome to watch the work progress from a safe distance from the bridge on Roetersstraat, from the canalside at CREA (approach from Sarphatistraat and Pancrasstraat) or from the canalside at the Lab (approach from Nieuwe Prinsengracht). See the map below for safe locations. For safety reasons you may not use the stairway to Building B/C at Nieuwe Achtergracht 166 to watch the work.