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From 15 to 19 August scaffolding will be erected around Building G. This work is expected to cause noise nuisance for those working in Building G and E.

Gebouw G
Building G

The scaffolding work will commence on 15 August on the inner square between Buildings G and E, before moving on to the end of Building G and finishing on the Nieuwe Prinsengracht side. The entrance to Building G on Nieuwe Prinsengracht will remain in use.


Erecting scaffolding 15 to 19 August

The scaffolding is needed to ensure that the renovation work on the roof of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences (Building G) can be carried out safely. 

If all goes according to plan, this work should be finished by 21 October. As it will not be possible to work on the roof during stormy weather or heavy rain, an exact timetable for the work cannot be given.

Since there is no room in this area for the contractor’s site office and for the storage of materials, a barge is be placed in the canal alongside the Nieuwe Prinsengracht. A small crane will transport materials from the barge to the building site. A traffic warden will be present.