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From 27 July, a variety of work will be carried out in Building G – the building for the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences’ psychology department. The disabled access will be revamped and the roof of the building reconditioned. The works may cause noise nuisance.

Building G

Improvements to the disabled access

The disabled access will be revamped to enable wheelchair users to enter and exit the building independently.

How can this affect you?

On Wednesday 27 July the concrete steps next to the ramp will be demolished. This will cause noise nuisance. The access ramp will be out of use for two days due to the works. We will inform you which two days as soon as we know the dates.

Disabled access Building G

Reconditioning of the roof

The roof of the building will be reconditioned between 28 July and early October. This will be done in phases. Scaffolding will be erected and dismantled at the beginning and end of each phase. On Thursday 28 and Friday 29 July the contractor will put up the first lot of scaffolding in the courtyard between Building G and the Lab and in the corner near the disabled access.

How can this affect you?

The erection and removal of the scaffolding will generate noise nuisance. Where feasible, the contractor will erect and remove different sections of scaffolding at the same time in order to limit the duration of this nuisance as much as possible. The work on the roof itself is not expected to cause much nuisance.

A crane will be used for both construction and demolition work. It will sit on the area between Buildings G and E, making the passage narrower. The benches in the corner of the yard cannot be used temporarily.

Benches in front of Building G

Since there is no room in this area for the contractor’s site office and for the storage of materials, a barge will be placed in the canal alongside the Nieuwe Prinsengracht. A small crane will transport materials from the barge to the building site. A traffic warden will be present.

Before the start of each phase a more detailed planning will be published on this site. In the event of storms or heavy rain, the contractor cannot work on the roof and the work schedule will be adjusted accordingly. Please check this site for the latest schedule.