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On 20 June, the construction consortium consisting of J.P. van Eesteren en Croonwolter&dros (both part of TBI) started work on the completion of building A on Roetersstraat, which will house the Faculty of Law.

The consortium is starting by cutting the recesses for the indoor freight elevator and setting up the site hut on the building’s ground floor.

Other drilling and sawing work – such as recesses on the roof – is planned to take place between 4 July and 28 August. We will make every effort to keep noise levels to a minimum. The work areas will be screened off using noise barriers. As the work is being carried out inside the building, the building’s outer façade will also help to muffle the noise.

The work in building A is set to finish on 30 June 2017, but the fencing (featuring the forest murals along Roetersstraat) will be removed in May 2017.

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